ChannelPoint (AU) Pty Ltd is developing a multi-tenant B2B commerce platform for local and global sales channel networks.

We enable manufacturers, distributors & resellers of all sizes to reduce back end operational costs, increase sales productivity and create stronger customer and supplier relationships.

We do this by providing a common SaaS platform that integrates into each organisations existing systems, enabling them to securely connect, share product catalogues and transact with their channel partners using a business blockchain framework.

ChannelPoint™ is targeted towards local and global:

  • Manufacturers/Vendors/OEM’s
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Resellers & Retailers
  • Corporate & Government Procurement

The ChannelPoint™ platform provides each organization:

  1. Customer & supplier B2B connectivity
  2. Accurate and live customer/supplier contacts & business information
  3. Enhanced product catalogues & detailed specifications
  4. Pricing, proposals, RFQ/RFI/Bids & quoting
  5. Electronic sales & purchasing automation
  6. Workflow, approvals & auditing for internal staff and external trading partners
  7. Connectivity between existing ERP/Accounting, CRM and custom in-house systems

… and more

Arriving soon!